Housing Search - Our Housing Search is designed for people shopping in the upcoming year and even for those shopping early for following years. If you are shopping for the upcoming leasing season, choose your preferences in location, number, of bedrooms, and price point. Availability should be set to Available Only. This will give you a list of units that fit your parameters. The same rules apply for those searching for future rentals HOWEVER, Availability should be set for Show All in order to see everything we have that fits your criteria.

Lease - Feel free to read over the lease agreement prior to signing!

The Leasing Process - Make sure you have everything necessary before coming to our office to sign your lease agreement. It's listed here.

New Renters - When signing a lease with Buckeye Real Estate, your group will receive a copy of the New Lease Packet, which answers our most Frequently Asked Questions about moving in the online version includes Protecting Your Family From Lead In Your Home from the EPA.

Move-In Packet - Contains most of the information that our residents receive on move in day.

Preparing For Move Out - Any of our residents that choose not to renew receive a letter called the Move Out Memo, which outlines procedures for preparing your apartment for the end of the lease and how to return keys.

Renewal Options - Buckeye Real Estate offers our residents a specific period of time to renew their lease agreement before the new leasing season begins.

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