Dear Future Residents,

Thanks for considering Buckeye Real Estate for your housing needs in the 2015-2016 lease term. This letter is designed to explain everything you will need to know for the upcoming rental season in January.

We are able to begin scheduling for January 16th on Friday, January 9th (we are unable to schedule each showing date more than a week in advance). You might be wondering…

How can I sign a lease without waiting until January 16th?

Our office offers an alternative to waiting until rental season; and that is the Renewal Waiver Form. Basically, if you view a Buckeye Real Estate home on your own with the current residents, and they don't plan to renew, they are able to ‘waive' their renewal rights and allow you to sign a lease earlier than January 16th. Renewal Waiver Forms are available in our office on November 18th and explain further how the rental would work. This is a NEW lease that you would sign, the form simply tells us that the current residents don't wish to renew and it's okay with them if we sign their unit to someone else. You should be prepared to pay the deposit and sign a lease with any of your fall roommates when you bring the completed form back to our office. To see our full leasing procedure please look…. http://www.buckeyerealestate.com/PDFs/LeasingProcedure.pdf

What is the first day of rental season like at Buckeye Real Estate?

The first day of rental season is always busy! There are prospective residents who opt not to use a Renewal Waiver Form and instead choose to wait in line on the first day of rental season in order to rent their desired apartment. While it's true that we begin showing on Friday, January 16th, keep in mind that there are only so many showings we are able to take and our showings have a tendency to book up early. So, many residents will view a unit on their own in order to rent it the first week of rental season, rather than waiting for an appointment to show. Keep in mind that all units are rented on a first come, first serve basis. It is not necessary to make an appointment to rent the unit, you can rent any unit that you have viewed, whether through us or on your own.

Why does Buckeye Real Estate wait until January to start rental season?

We get asked this question a lot and the answer is easy! Because our residents are our first priority! Many off campus residents were forced to make a renewal decision within 4-5 weeks of MOVING INTO THEIR UNIT THIS YEAR! It's important for us to give our current residents some time to settle into their new place and familiarize themselves with their roommates before we ask them to renew their lease. Keep that in mind when you rent a place, do you want your landlord asking YOU if you are staying only a month or two into your lease? Please keep in mind, that next year, you will have the same courtesy.

At this time, the easiest thing to do would be to search online to narrow down properties that might interest you. Feel free to stop by our office with your list of properties during normal business hours. That way, a leasing staff member can discuss your housing options in person and explain the rental procedure to you.

To give you fair warning that any properties located between 11th and Lane and between High and Summit are very popular based on their price and location, and, therefore, very competitive. You might want to look into the Renewal Waiver Form option on those!

Thanks for your interest in Buckeye Real Estate and we hope to see you in our office! Our current office hours are from 10am-12pm and 12:30pm to 4pm Monday thru Friday and closed on the weekends. Saturday hours will resume January 10th.

Be advised that Buckeye Real Estate is currently accepting applications for our leasing staff! Email Julie@buckeyerealestate.com or print out an application from the Careers Tab and drop it off at our office for more information!

Again, thank you and we hope to see you soon!

The Buckeye Real Estate Leasing Staff - Michaela Butt, Natalie Temme, Abby Brunswick, Karen Zajac, Daniel Cline, Sebastian Fischer, and Mike Bossetti

BRAND NEW properties for Fall 2015!! No Renewal Waiver necessary! Rent today!

Email the leasing office at leasing@buckeyerealestate.com to get more information about our new units at:

2136 Indianola Ave. - 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath House

31 E. Lane Ave. #B - 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Townhouse

110 E. 11th Ave. - 2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath Townhouse

100 E. Norwich Ave. #3 - 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Townhouse

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